CLC PRO (Production) is a community of various members of diverse backgrounds. Whether you’re young or older, experienced or just passionate, introverted or extroverted, we all have a place on this team.

We work together, serving often in different capacities simultaneously, to set the stage of opportunity so God’s Spirit can interact without distraction or hinderance, so that one more might cross the line of faith and grow in their dependence upon the Lord.

CLC PRO prepares, operates and supports the audio, lighting, video and graphical presentational needs of all ministries and outreaches of Christian Life Center.

Roles & Responsibilities:  

Audio Team –

  • Live Sound Tech: Operates the audio console that controls the audio in the sanctuary during services.
  • Studio Sound Tech: Operates the multitrack rig that controls the audio for online during services.
  • Sound Technician Assistant: Assists sound technician that Operates the sound board that controls the audio in the sanctuary during services. Helps sound technician on stage.  

 Lighting Team –

  • Lighting Tech: Operates the lighting console that controls the lights in the sanctuary during services. 

 Video Team

  • Presentation Operator: Operates a program called ProPresenter that triggers visuals such as lyrics, videos and graphics on the side projector screens and LED wall for services. *Computer understanding and skills recommended*
  • Camera Operator: Operates a video camera that displays the live feed of the service on the side projector screens and online. Must be willing to undergo several training sessions.
  • Video Switcher Operator: Responsible for capturing live camera shots during service, communicating desired camera shots and angles, to best tell an engaging and distraction-free story that best represents the heart and message of the church service. 

 Stage Team –

  • Stage Tech: the stage team provides some of the most basic of necessary help and support for a production to be successful. This includes planning, running items on and off the stage, sometimes even set prop building, running cable lines, spiking (quick changes) cues, updating planning center notes and corresponding with our “service coordinator.” 

Required Experiences:  

  • Be teachable and able to focus for long periods of time 
  • Be able to sit or stand for long periods of time 
  • Be willing to serve in two services  


  • Attend Thursday rehearsals at 7:00 pm for training (training time depends on role selected)  
  • Attend Thursday rehearsal the week prior to your scheduled Sunday 
  • All opportunities would be scheduled twice a month