Life Groups

We believe in fostering connections and the power of coming together. We welcome everyone to join us and experience the benefits of community. Click the button below to start your journey.


In our family of faith, we have a firm belief that God listens, cares, and answers our prayers. If you have a prayer request, we’d be honored to stand with you in agreement. Please share your request below.

Water Baptism

Embark on a faith-filled journey by following Jesus’s loving call in Matthew 28:19-20. We gather four times a year and offer a one-time class where we’ll walk you through every detail.

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A Christian Life Center greeter and a visitor share a warm embrace with bright smiles.
A church member with eyes closed, standing with her hands raised in an expression of deep worship.
A congregation fills the room, with their hands raised in unity as Pastor Shawn O'Neill prays over a member.
A young boy stand with his arms raised in an act of worship.
Two worship singers on stage, in deep worship, with their eyes closed and hands raised in praise.

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June 2