come for the study, stay for the relationships

Lifegroup is a life changing experience that makes a big church feels small. This helps with accountability in growing and serving together. Groups are where friendships/connection are built and relationships are strengthen.

Find a Lifegroup for a lifestyle that will forever bear fruit.

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Types of Groups

Men's Groups

Surrounding yourself around other men is a great way to stay connected and during this time of fellowship it will strengthen the bond you have amongst your brother in Christ.

Women's Groups

As women discover greater intimacy in their relationships with God and each other, they experience the delight of life-giving friendship.

Married Groups

Centering your life around God and allowing Him to guide you in your walk of marriage, you’ll find grace and encouragement for every age and stage of life.

Open Groups

Sharing life with one another in building relationships while understanding each other’s perspectives and life experiences.

Join a Group

We are better together

Lifegroups are the perfect place for you to meet others. It’s where people can connect together to create lasting relationships. They’re small groups that meet regularly to hang out and spend time in God’s word. Our groups meet in different locations around town, and we would love to help you get connected to one! Click a button below.

3. Contact the Leader

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Facilitate a Group

Help Us Create Community

Thank you for your willingness to facilitate a Lifegroup at Christian Life Center. Please click the link to complete the application form. Once received by the Lifegroup department, someone will contact you with further information.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often do Lifegroups meet?

Our groups meet weekly or twice a month. We ask that all groups meet at least once a month to discuss a lesson and study God’s word.

How long does each Lifegroup meeting last?

Each Lifegroup meeting can last up to 2 hours. However, once the meeting has ended, most groups offer more time for fellowship and hangouts after the meeting.

Is there childcare?

Yes. Each group is responsible for providing their own childcare. One option we’ve seen are parents getting together to hire a babysitter for the night. We do have recommendation from our list of SEU students, but it’s ultimately up to decide who would be most appropriate for their group.

What do Lifegroups study?
  • Weekly groups will study and go deeper into Sunday’s message.
  • Groups that meet twice a month will discuss the curriculum or lessons provided to them.
When and where do Lifegroups meet?

We meet in various locations. Homes, coffee shops, parks, restaurants, the church, etc. We have a variety of days on which our groups meet that can help fit your schedule.

Lifegroup Leader Resources