Vibe is the College and Young adult community of Christian Life Center. We have weekly and monthly gatherings for ages 18-29. 

Roles & Responsibilities: 

  • Setup/Tear Down Team will be responsible for any room or event setup pertaining to tables, banners, lights, check-in stations, and merchandise.
  • Welcome Team / Pep Squad (greeters/Red Carpet) will be responsible to create a welcoming environment for everyone who comes into a Vibe event. This team will be in charge of welcoming our first-time guests and getting them connected to a Tribe.

  • The Creative Team (Media, Social Media, Photo/Video Content) is the team that gives our heart and vision of VIBE a visual representation. This team is in charge of carrying out the VIBE brand in content creation for social media. This will be a team of creative photographers, video content creators, and social media managers. 

  • VIBE Worship Team will be our worship experience in Worship Nights, Beach Worships and other events we host. The serving team will be singing, instruments, stagehands and service coordinator.

  • Hands & Feet is our Outreach team. We will be hosting quarterly serving experiences to impact our communities. 

Required Experiences: 

  • Creative Teams Pre-Requisite: Basic Experience in Photography, Video and Social Media. Some training will be provided during TEAM NIGHTS.
  • VIBE Worship Team Pre-Requisite: Music experience Required. Must be approved by our music department.  


  • The serving schedule will be at least 2 times a month for Sessions.  
  • All hands-on deck for our Monthly Friday Night Service/Gatherings.