Creative Ministry Assistant

Opportunity Description

The Creative Ministry Assistant’s primary role is to serve staff members and/or ministry leaders within the departments of Production and Communications. They work as a support system and are responsible for the projects that relate to the Production and Communications team, to ensure everything is delivered on time, and that the ministries’ resources are used properly. The ideal candidate will be a highly organized leader with exceptional communication and team skills. They will assist in building an effective volunteer team.

Role Responsibilities

Production Department:

  • Manage Production Department team database

  • Manage Multi-Media Requests: Communicate with Production team and requesting parties

  • Assist with media set ups and running media for events, services, and ministries

  • Schedule all front of house, projection, and service coordinator volunteers

  • Communicate announcements with Production Team

  • Assist managing volunteers during services

  • Manage scheduling and assist in Video Recordings

  • Maintain the organization of the Production Office and studio

  • Enter OOS and sermon notes into Pro Presenter

  • Assist in training and recruiting new volunteers to the Production Team

  • Assist managing production interns

  • Support in overseeing Production department budget and procurement

  • Assist in planning, organizing, and executing all departmental events

  • Reconcile credit cards, manage receipts, budget entries, generate reports and other general ledger tasks

  • Supervise the Service Coordinator team, handling recruitment and training

  • Stay updated on production trends through research and self-investment to remain relevant

Communication Department:

  • Assist in overseeing outsourced personnel
  • Assist in managing department resources to meet project deadlines and budgets
  • Manage strong lines of collaboration with other departments
  • Assist in managing Communications Department budget
    Reconcile credit cards, manage receipts, budget entries, generate reports, and other general ledger tasks
  • Allocate department resources in order to complete projects within expected budget and timelines.
  • Collect all necessary information for the team to meet deadlines
  • Ensure deadlines are met through proactively managing projects and troubleshooting any discrepancies in project progression
  • Create workflow for content delivery to other teams including main looks and video files for resizing and campaign execution
  • Stay updated on communication trends through research and self-investment to remain relevant
  • Recruit potential volunteers and assist with volunteer training
  • Assist in planning, organizing, and executing all departmental events
  • Assist in managing projects for all areas of Communications team

Needed strengths & skillset

  • Leadership

  • Budget Management

  • Delegating

  • Self-Awareness

  • Analytical skills

  • Coaching Skills

  • Initiative and drive

  • Teachable

  • Collaborating

  • Flexibility

  • Detail-oriented

  • Be able to handle challenging situations with grace

  • Prioritization when facing many different tasks

  • Discreet with sensitive information

  • Working well under pressure and with tight deadlines

  • Manage special projects on behalf of the Campus Pastor.

  • An eye for details and the capacity to see the big picture

  • Effective at multi-tasking and time management

  • Excellent verbal, written, and oral communication skills

  • Experience with programming of experiences and events for congregants

  • Exceptional problem-solving skills

  • Strong working knowledge of office equipment and software use

  • Excellent understanding and interpretation of the Bible

  • Solid understanding of campus ministry

  • Competent in regard to technology and social media.

  • Experience working with diverse populations

  • Influential leader and taskmaster who can relate well with volunteers, visitors and fellow staff while smiling and encouraging the entire time.



Fort Lauderdale Campus

Full Time