Campus support teams

Our Campus Support team helps to establish a welcoming environment far before any one walks through the doors. Their focus is on the intricate details that make Sunday so much better, whether it be at the café, in the lobby, or ensuring the sanctuary is well maintained- campus support makes sure we are ready to receive you and your family every Sunday. 

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Café Team – Each member of this team are perfectionists with the brewing and serving of coffee. This team attends to the customers, keeps the café clean, manages stock and supplies and keeps the coffee coming. Previous or currently barista/café experience preferred.
  • Service Preparation Team – Every week the lobby and sanctuary are prepared by this team with prayer and ensuring all necessary materials, supplies, set up, etc. are in place for that weekend (communion, furniture, mints, etc.).  

  • Hospitality Team – Food and drinks for the Red-Carpet Volunteers are prepared and set up weekly by this team. 

  • Pew Packers – Each Wednesday morning the team expertly tends to the sanctuary. These duties include removing leftover or damaged tithing envelopes and handouts from the pews, replacing missing envelopes, sharpening and replacing the pencils needed for congregants and maintaining the overall appearance of our sanctuary. 

Required Experiences: 

  • Enjoy interacting and connecting with people. 
  • Continuous growing relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Embrace and walking the mission, vision, values, and discipleship strategy of Christian Life Center. 


  • Serving opportunity is every other week.
  • Some teams serve during the week, most teams are during weekend worship services.