Kingdom Builders
May Newsletter

A Kingdom Builder is anyone who gives beyond their tithes, to the on-going VISION to impact our world with the Message of Hope. It’s a commitment to financially help advance the kingdom of God by supporting Global Missions, Local Church Expansion and Future Christian Leaders through a wide variety of high-quality missionary partners and organizations around the world. Especially in the most difficult places to bring the gospel. Kingdom Builders is committed to extravagant generosity, with above-and-beyond the tithe impact.

Christian Life Center has always been a missions-giving church! Yearly, God has enabled us to build churches, support our missionaries monthly, train pastors, care for the orphan, meet disasters and crises and so much more to take God’s message of salvation around the world.

Every year at our annual Kingdom Builders Convention, we challenge ourselves to make a weekly or monthly Faith Promise. We become the channel of God’s blessing to “all peoples of the earth.” Every gift matters because every person matters to God. We want everyone to be part of this movement of world-changing generosity! We simply ask God: What do you want to do through us this year? And, in faith, we respond. In our faithfulness, “God will supply the seed to the sower.” This year, God wants CLC to SHIFT Our Impact. To accelerate and embrace His Vision! It will require us to step up and be bold. I ask you to have the faith of the New Testament Church so that we can see the miracles of the New Testament church! I’m excited to see every one of these projects become a reality over the next 12 months. Pray with me that God will enable us to shine His light brighter here at home and further around the world! I’m praying God is going to give you fresh vision and increased passion in the area of generosity. I am praying that God will accelerate generosity in our church to supernatural levels. Thank you for being a Kingdom Builder!

Pastor Tom & Candi
Lead Pastors

Give to Projects

Click the link below to give. Select “KINGDOM BUILDERS” as the fund.

HUNGARY - New Church Facility

The Budapest area has a population of 3.3 million people but very few pentecostal churches. Due to the rapid growth of the pentecostal Church, there is a desperate need for facility expansion.


  • Bathrooms: $10,000
  • Plumbing: $8,000

  • Heating: $7,600

  • Air Conditioning: $4,500

  • Bathroom Wall Dividers: $3,000


Project Total: $25,000

ECUADOR - Supporting Ecuador Hope House, Leadership Planting & Training

The Ecuadorian Church not only helps equip Leaders & Pastors with training, but the vision of the Ecuador Hope House meets the need for housing, educational opportunities, tutoring, counseling, medical care, transportation and meals for 60 girls, ranging from ages 8-20.


  • Church construction: $10,000

  • Church planting and training: $3,500

  • Monthly support per girl: $210


Project Goal: $50,000

INDIA - Translation Of Christian Resources

With approximately 55 million Gujarati speakers worldwide, with little witness or opportunity to hear about Jesus, FireBible is creating a bridge across the language barrier.

  • $16 per bible


Project Goal: $50,000

INDIA - Bible Institute Resources In Bengali Language

In India and Bangladesh, half of the population lives in villages where the average literacy level is elementary school. These people would be unable to enroll in India’s traditional Bible schools. The oral Leaders Bible Institute will produce a three-year video-based Bible institute aimed at training illiterate people to become pastors and church planters. Students will watch the video lessons on their own mobile phones. Your contribution will cover the costs of translation, video production crews, and the expenses of Bengali-speaking professors who will deliver course materials on camera. As a result, the Indian or Bangladeshi national churches will establish a three-year Bible institute to train and equip their own people to plant and pastor churches across Bengali-speaking India and Bangladesh.


    • $1,500 covers the cost of the course

    • Church construction: $10,000

    • Church planting and training: $3,500

    • Monthly support per girl: $210


Project Goal: $5,000

INDIA - Project Rescue's Project Tithali

During Covid lockdowns, an entire building in the brothels of Pune, India became vacated. This building was being used ti sexually exploit women. Project Rescue felt compelled to do something that could save lives. With the help of partners, Project Tithali (Hindi for butterfly) was born. Today, in the heart of the brothels of Pune, India, there is a building once used to cause horrendous suffering that has been restored and repurposed for the rescue of women.


  • $360 provides 2 years of medical care to a woman rescued from brothels

  • $720 provides 2 years of vocational eduction for a woman in an after-care home


Project Goal: $5,000

Faith Promise

A Faith Promise is not your tithe or a portion of your tithe. The tithe, the 1st tenth of your income, is the Lord’s and belongs in the local church. A Faith Promise is a sacred act, a spiritual agreement between you and God as you commit to give regularly to help fulfill God’s plan to reach a lost world.


BGMC is the missions education program for all kids in the Assemblies of God. BGMC equips kids to know, care, pray, give, and reach the lost. We have a two-fold purpose, to reach the children of the world and to create a heart of compassion in kids. Click below to give. Select “BGMC” as the fund.