Guest Experiences

The Red Carpet Team provide a warm and welcoming environment for our attenders to experience loving presence of God on our campuses. We care and we connect with all. With the various roles currently available we have a place for you to serve the Lord with your gifts. 

Roles & Responsibilities: 

  • Parking Team – Welcomes all to a safe and stress-free parking space. This team manages traffic control, transporting attendees, sign placement, etc. on Sundays and large events with the assistance of a Trooper/Officer. This team works in tandem with the Greeters, Connection Team and Security Team to guide out first times guests into their next step and assist with the safety of all.


  • Greeters – With warm smiles, open arms, and welcoming hearts our Greeters are throughout our lobbies to meet and greet all who enter the house of the Lord. They also distribute service elements and serve as guides to our guests.

  • Ushers – The Usher Team manages crowd control with the assistance of the Greeters. They lead our attenders to available seating areas, connect attenders to resources based on their need, assist with the distribution and/or collection of service elements and support the service by providing caring interactions with our attendees.

  • Connection Team –  The Connection Center is the central point of connection for our attenders to the life and vision of CLC. Our Connection Team is there ready to greet our first-time guests and serve all who come in need of information and connection. They host the Guest Connection event and make a personal connection with the attendees to aide them in identifying where and how they can connect to the life of Christian Life Center.

  • Data Entry – Our Data Team passionately serves by assisting with the set up and entrance of attendance, first time guest information, updating profiles with contact information and more. It is required to be computer and software literate with data management and app knowledge.

  • Translation Team – This team provides translation of languages through the technology provided. Must be fluent in the language you will interpret.

  • Volunteer Coordinators – All new volunteers to the Red-Carpet Team will be guided through the process of connection, training and serving by this team. They will also provide the Red-Carpet materials and supplies needed to successfully serve as a Red-Carpet volunteer. 

Required Experiences:

  • Enjoy interacting and connecting with people 
  • Continuous growing relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Embrace and walking the mission, vision, values, and discipleship strategy of Christian Life Center 


  • Serving opportunity is every other week 
  • Some teams serve during the week, most teams are during weekend worship services