The care ministry exists to provide love and support to people who are struggling with life’s challenges. At one time or another we all need the help of others to see our way through a difficult time. Whether your struggle is physical, emotional, or relational, we are here for you and want to help in whatever way we can.  

Roles & Responsibilities: 

  • Care Team Volunteer – will make calls to congregation members to check on them and write encouraging postcards to those who ask for prayer. 


  • Once a week, bi-weekly or once a month – depending on your availability 

Grief Care 

We know losing a loved one or several loved ones can cause a deep Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual pain, which can result in isolation and also cause internal pains in our body and mind, causing stress. You’ll go from doctor to doctor trying to pinpoint why you continue to become more ill day after day, feeling worse with no relief at hand. Our CLC Grief-Care Team is your Support Team. We are available to assist and guide you through your grief process as you walk step by step during your grief-journey. 

Roles & Responsibilities: 

  • Grief Care Discussion Host/ Facilitator – We stand with you to comfort, listen, pray and help navigate you through this intense painful and consuming Season of grief.  

Required Experiences:  


  • 5:30 pm on Tuesdays (Online)