An Encounter God Experience is a weekend that will drastically impact your life. Through different sessions of worship, teachings and prayer, you will have a life changing experience with God. Each person will take an individual journey to freedom in Christ. Where you have experienced pain, you will receive healing and wholeness. God will renew the areas in your life that have grown stagnant. The Encounter God Experience will allow you to start walking in the new freedom God has for you. 

Roles & Responsibilities:  

  • Pre-Encounter Serve Team – Our pre-encounter serve team will assist in preparing for our Encounter God Experience.  This will include administrative projects, as well as setting up for the event.   
  • Helps Team – Our helps team will prepare & distribute meals to participants, set up Encounter rooms between sessions, and assist with registration. 

Required Experience: 

  • Encounter  


  • The Encounter God Retreat is scheduled four times throughout the year 
  • Day or Evening availability