Early voting Rally

We want to help you early vote! Join us for our Early Voting Rally, Saturday – October 24, with free food, masks and sanitizers! We’ll be gathering to exercise our right to vote, to pray and fellowship and to be an example to our community.

The Rally is at the Fort Lauderdale Campus, and from there, we will provide free transportation to the voting center at the African American Research Library & Cultural Center.

Mail-in ballot information

Voting by mail is a safe alternative to voting in person. If you’re looking to send a mail-in ballot this year, here are some key tips for the process.

  1. Register to vote
  2. Request a Mail in Ballot. You can do so at vote.org
  3. Once you receive the ballot in the mail, fill it out and sign correctly
  4. Return the ballot to the post office within enough time before the deadline.

Check out this “how-to” video for more information.

Resources in the Fight Against Injustice

Safe Space is a place where people, who have experienced racial injustice, can talk freely and process their emotions free from judgement or retribution. 

Safe space groups

Discussion groups designed to be a safe environment for people to unite as a community and define the terms around social injustice.

Networking & Resourcing

A space set-up to gather resources from people with valuable knowledge and expertise.

Awareness & Education

A team prepared to respond properly to issues and to better educate others through local government involvement.

Our talks on social justice