Sunrise Campus Coordinator

Opportunity Description

The Campus Coordinator primary role is to serve staff members or ministry leaders of a church, including campus pastors. They work as a support system, taking a secondary role to further the goals of the campus’s ministries to engage in the mission of being a Messengers of Hope. The Campus Coordinator will also be responsible for building an effective adult leadership team(s), producing excellent experiences within the volunteer and leadership team, and leading strong in our mid-week ministries and weekend experiences. Additionally, this role will organize discipleship processes, leadership training, plan and execute special outreach events for the community, having an evangelistic/serving presence in the community, and following up with attendees who attend CLC for the first time or the 100th time. Furthermore, this role will provide leadership and guidance to the campus as a whole alongside the Campus Pastor.

Role Responsibilities:

  • Builds a cohesive leadership team and gives leaders opportunities and feedback.

  • Plan and organize creating an environment where congregants can experience God in worship, grow in God’s Word, as well as to build an environment with connection through lifegroup sign ups, church events, and system for First Time guests to connect within the church.

  • Responsible for programming services for Sunday Service experience through Planning Center.

  • Help ensure proper communication with campus leaders & volunteers.

  • Do yearly budgeting, event planning

  • Add input & guidance to the departmental/team budget

  • Organize and execute special events and unique projects

  • Able to lead worship on Sunday Worship Experiences

  • Keeping up with tracking attendance and inputting attendance through shared excel file for all ministries: kids, youth, and adults.

  • Weekly touch base with all leaders over departments on staff and core leadership teams within campus for any requests or needs in their ministry such as: Lifegroups, Kids, Youth, Worship, and Media

  • Help in providing pastoral care for individuals in the realm of ministry responsibilities

  • Keeping and maintaining office supplies within the campus

  • Provide leadership opportunities on the weekends by plugging in adult and students into serving opportunities and any extra pastoral needs, as well as connecting with the congregation.

  • Follow up with new attenders on campus

  • Responsible for being part of recruiting, selecting, and training future leaders & volunteers.

  • Oversee the management of PO’S & financial records for the campus.

  • Being able to communicate on stage, whether in prayer gatherings, service announcements, and special events. • Being the bridge to the central campus for any new initiatives across the church as a whole.

  • Membership Applications

  • Answering emails and phone calls, while scheduling meetings with campus pastor

  • Manage and discern appropriate response for community requests from drop-in visitors

  • Schedule repairs and maintenance on the building as needed

  • Under the direction of the Campus Pastor, organize meetings, events and functions including catering.

  • Makes sure all communication and announcements that are regional are given

Needed strengths & skillset:

  • Leadership

  • Budget Management

  • Delegating

  • Self-Awareness

  • Analytical skills

  • Coaching Skills

  • Initiative and drive

  • Teachable

  • Collaborating

  • Flexibility

  • Detail-oriented

  • Be able to handle challenging situations with grace

  • Prioritization when facing many different tasks

  • Discreet with sensitive information

  • Working well under pressure and with tight deadlines

  • Manage special projects on behalf of the Campus Pastor.

  • An eye for details and the capacity to see the big picture

  • Effective at multi-tasking and time management

  • Excellent verbal, written, and oral communication skills

  • Experience with programming of experiences and events for congregants

  • Exceptional problem-solving skills

  • Strong working knowledge of office equipment and software use

  • Excellent understanding and interpretation of the Bible

  • Solid understanding of campus ministry

  • Competent in regard to technology and social media.

  • Experience working with diverse populations

  • Influential leader and taskmaster who can relate well with volunteers, visitors and fellow staff while smiling and encouraging the entire time.


Sunrise Campus

Full Time