Blanket Drive

Our blanket distribution last Tuesday where 332 blankets were collected from FTL, CS, & Sunrise campuses and 428 plates of food were served to the homeless!

We are cautioned to not grow weary of doing good things. Many great folks have been with us on this project from the very beginning! Some have provided financial support, in-kind support, moral support and more importantly time. On the day of the drive, some of the team worked anywhere between 4 to 16 hours.

We are extremely grateful to the leaders and volunteers of our Outreach Ministry who were able to bless this ministry one way or another. We were able to feed 428 people in four locations. While the food and the blankets were a blessing to them, they however received a greater gift from us, which is seeing the love of Christ and others in us. Next year is upon us already and by God’s grace, we will multiply the number of people who were served in 2017!

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