Serving the Homeless in Broward

As Messengers of Hope, we're called to make an impact in the world around us, and one of the greater felt needs here in Broward County is homelessness. Here are some photos of our outreach team volunteers feeding and serving at a local homeless shelter in Broward County, as well statistics of the current realities we face:

Households affected by homelessness in 2016:

  • 687 families were living in emergency shelters.
  • 476 were living in transitional shelters.
  • 735 are unsheltered

Total= 1,932 families were homeless in 2016.

  • 2 percent are children under 18.
  • 5 % are 18-24 years old.
  • 3% are over the age of 24.
  • People who are at risk of becoming homeless are people with medical problems including mental health issues who have no income and family support (32 %).
  • People released from prison/jail (18%)
  • People who are living in hotels and motels (15%)
  • And people who are experiencing financial hardships and are faced with imminent eviction (14 %). Loss of job income (59 %) and medical issues (10%) are the top two reasons why people end up homeless.

Poverty Rates:

  • According to 2014 population estimates15% percent of Broward County residents are poor, including one in 5 children.
  • Individual and child poverty rates has been steadily increasing since 1980 in Broward County.
  • 21% of residents with disabilities live below the poverty level
  • Families living in poverty have increased over the past 15 years. Since 2000 the poverty
  • Rate for families has increased from 9% to 11 % in 2014.
  • In 2000 35,964 families were below the poverty threshold, this number has increased to 4,081 families. The highest poverty rate was among single mothers with children at 31 percent.
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