Missions Convention 2014 Recap

What an amazing Missions Convention we had this year! Here are some of the highlights.

“Desperate Cry: Hope for Every Addict”

February 22 & 23, 2014

The Problem

The drug and alcohol problem in this country and across the world continues to spiral out of control. 285 people die every hour from addiction and drug abuse, leading to an estimated death toll of 2.5 million people per year.

The Solution

At Teen Challenge, God heals each person from the inside out. While God is transforming the soul, Teen Challenge staff, leaders and volunteers work with each addict to address the bad decisions, personal issues and life circumstances that resulted in their drug use and dependency.

The Need

Currently, 32 nations have asked for help in launching their first Teen Challenge ministry. Adopting a nation is a tangible way to put hope within reach of addicts in a region of the world not currently served by Teen Challenge.

CLC’s Role

This year we have taken on the responsibility of adopting the nation of Turkey and providing funds and support for Global Teen Challenge to establish a new center in that country. Through the dramatic presentation “Desperate Cry: Hope for Every Addict put on during the first weekend of our 2014 missions convention, we were challenged to be the answer to the drug problem in that country.

We believe that as a church we can put hope within reach of every addict. Today, over 25,000 students are in residential recovery at one of the 1,000+ Teen Challenge centers located in 95 different nations. Through various community outreach programs, tens-of-thousands of people trapped in addictive lifestyles, prostitution, trafficking or other life controlling circumstances are finding hope and freedom in Christ.

Will You Bring Hope to Every Addict?

It’s only through your giving that a difference can be made in the world. Starting a new outreach requires seed funding as the local leader begins to establish the ministry and develop an indigenous support base. By adopting a nation, your gift will help a local leader establish a solid foundation that will bless the people in that area for years to come. Will you give?

Desperate Cry

Through my gift and the efforts of Global Teen Challenge, I will bring hope to every addict that is affected by drug and alcohol abuse around the world. Simply choose a one-time or recurring gift and choose “Missions“ under designation. Feel free to write “Teen Challenge“ or “Desperate Cry“ in order to donate your gift to this cause.

[us_testimonial author=”Claudette Schlichenmeyer” company=”Lifegroup leader”]I thought that if a church could not only think about themselves, but think about missionaries the way Christian Life Center does, this has to be a church where God’s word is spoken.[/us_testimonial]

Men’s Light for the Lost Breakfast

March 1, 2014

The men of CLC had their fill of food this past weekend! With missionary men sitting at each table, our men had an opportunity to speak with each missionary and hear from them about what life was like on the field, what challenges they faced, and what it takes to bring the light of Christ to the lost in their respective countries.

Ladies Missions Tea

March 1, 2014

Our ladies also had the opportunity to connect together with the missionary wives and other female missionaries who shared about their experiences in the field. Through times of laughter, fellowship and fun our ladies received valuable insight on how God is moving around the world and how much our missionaries depend on us as a church to keep their work and mission alive overseas.

Flag Parade & BGMC Coin Offering

March 1 & 2, 2014

Missions Flag Parade

Each year, we open up our a Missions Convention with a flag parade and this year was no different! The pastors, missionaries and choir dressed in full traditional costume representing different nations around the world that CLC is reaching through the missionaries we support.

BGMC Coin Offering

We also invite our congregation to collect any loose change and offerings they are willing to donate to the children of missionaries we support. The call to missions that God places on the parents of these children affects the entire family, and this is our way of blessing and saying thank you to these children for doing their part to spread the message of hope – the message of Christ – around the world.

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